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    How long and under what conditions can I stock protection film coils?

    The product must be stored on its original package, in a dry place at room temperature (optimal 15º C to 25º C) and humidity ± 50%. The film must be applied within 6 months from the date of delivery. The film must be removed within 6 months of the date of application and 3 months if it shall be exposed to external conditions or humidity.

    I have two types of products to protect: a smooth and a rough surface. Would it be possible to use one unique reference to protect both surfaces?

    Each sector of activity is unique and in each sector, each type of surface is also unique. For this, what Coefilm aim to do is unify different protection possibilities and propose the most economic one. Nevertheless, sometimes it is recommended to use different protection solutions instead of only one. This is why we collaborate with our customers on the initial phases of the homologation; we follow their evolutions and will be able to carry out together conformity tests at customer facilities in order to make the most of our experience.

    How is protection film applied?

    For the correct placement of protection film, the surface of the product to protect needs to be free of oils, greases, liquid or solvent. Application temperature should be between 10º C and 30º C.  The product is only conceived to resists an environmental humidity; it is not suitable for use on a direct humidity focus.

    Protection film must be placed with an application machine and shall not suffer an elongation over 0.5% while applied. Pressure while applying the protection film has to be homogeneous and it should be applied without folds or bubbles. In some specific applications, protection film can be placed manually.

    Can protection film be tailor made?

    In spite of the more than one hundred references, Coefilm is always looking for the film that better fit the needs of the end user. This is possible by collaborating together on the manufacture of the best solution at the best price.

    What does “Easy Peel” mean?

    Looking for the product that fits the better to our customer’s real needs has always been our philosophy. An easy withdraw of the protection film, known as easy peel, is one of the basic and more important properties that protection film has to have.

    What is a pressure sensitive adhesive “PSA”?

    During our film manufacture process we use “Acrylic adhesives sensitive to the Pressure” . This type of adhesive offer performance advantages over other adhesives compositions. These types of adhesives offer a good performance in external uses in exposures to ultraviolet light. These adhesives have an excellent resistance to chemical products, and perform in a wide range of temperatures of use. These adhesives are characterized or defined by Tack, Peel and Shear.

    How is protection film supplied?

    Our film is supplied in European pallets. The coils can be placed in pyramidal base but they can also be supplied in a way that pallets can be piled up in order of an easy transportation or storage. For small coils, we can use a box.

    Is it possible to print protection film?

    Protection film can be supplied printed, depending on client needs of information or communication. This printing might be done trough commercial logos, messages, technical instructions, etc. The minimum quantity per order for printable film is 50.000 sqr. meters.

    What is the ultraviolet “UV” resistance of the product?

    All our films have added UV inhibitor additives to avoid film degradation for a period of 6 months, taking the most extreme conditions of the south zone of the Iberian Peninsula. Nevertheless, we advise not to overcome a period of 3 months of direct exhibition to the UV rays. If you need further UV direct exhibition or higher UV protection needs, specific manufacturing could be done.

    How many colors are available?

    The most used film is nature or transparent, although it is possible to manufacture colored films to increase the protection of the surfaces. These colored films can be translucent or opaque, depending on the quantity of added coloring. Films with more protection are those with more coloration. One of the most used is the blue translucent protection film.

    What is the width and thickness that can be manufactured?

    The protection film that we manufactured is done coils with an inside diameter of 76mm or 152mm. Our films thickness goes from 28 microns up to 100 microns. The width of our coils goes from 25mm for a profile use, up to 2400 mm in the glass sector or carpet. About the length of our protection film coils, we can manufacture from 500 to 4.500 linear meters.

    What is the support material used for the adhesive application for the protection film?

    In the most of the cases the support material used is PE (polyethylene). To be more precise, it is a coextruded film made from a mixture of different polyethylenes, combined in order to provide different mechanical properties. These polyethylene supports do not only guarantee a full protection of the surface, but they also provide an easy film placement and easy withdraw. Coefilm also uses for their support in a residual form, a combination of two polyolefin’s, PE and PP mostly, and receive Polyolefin generic name. But this one it is only used for very specific applications.

    What are protection film utilities?

    Protective film is recommended in all different types of surfaces against dirt and deterioration during the complete cycle of the manufacture of the product, this is: transformation, manipulation, storage, and transportation. It helps to have less material rejections and guarantee a higher productivity and avoids final retouches. It also avoids scratches and prevents possible stains on the surfaces during difficult operations: bending, drilling, stamping, profiling. It is not a suitable product for protection against corrosion, moisture or chemicals.

    Warranty and regulations

    What are the standards followed in surface protection films production?

    The technical characteristics of our materials are analyzed on the basis of the procedure ASTM and AFERA. The ASTM is the “ American Society for Testing and Materials “. AFERA stands for “Association of European Self-Adhesive Covers Manufacturers “. These two regulations are recognized as the best in their field and are used in more than 60 countries for technical regulations.

    What is the warranty related to the film used?

    All our products are object of meticulous quality controls during their manufacturing process. The indicated parameters are based on laboratory tests and they do not constitute a guarantee by themselves. Considering, the great diversity of possible applications of our films, the end user should carry out controls and tests for each application. Coefilm only guarantees the use of the protective film for the recommended use.


    What would the delivery time be?

    Generally, Coefilm has material in stock for the most solded references. In these case, the order could be sent the same day or the day after the order has been placed. In case of a tailor made material, the delivery could be in your facilites in 15 days from the reception and confirmation of the order.

    What is the “MOQ” (minimum order quantity)?

    The minimum order quantity for free transport costs will generally be six coils. This quantity allows us to reduce costs. For smaller orders, we would need to see the availability of the product and adjust the delivery charges.

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